The Association is comprised of Motorcycle Clubs, Riding Clubs, Motorcycle Associations and others with the purpose of bringing the Motorcycle community together and to have a place where all fund raisers can be planned so as not to conflict with each other. By doing so all fundraiser's can be more successful. Members of the Association are ask to work together on what ever fundraiser is planned with support and attendance


The Bikers of the Ark-La-Tex have come together as a group and formed what will be known as the "Northwest Louisiana Association of Bikers". We are comprised of motorcycle clubs, motorcycle associations, motorcycle shops, and motorcycle enthusiasts.

Our main goal is to organize events in such a way that there are" few to none" conflicts of desired dates. These events shall be of a benefit in nature to a cause that is worthy enough to be called "charitable".  Attendance in the regular meetings is extremely important for the full cooperation of the Association.

1. Meetings will take place the third Sundays of January, March, May, July, September and November.

2. These meetings need to have at least one member from a group to qualify as being represented. Two or more members only equates as one representative.

3. If a group expects to request a particular date they must participate in at least 50% of the meetings throughout the year.

4. If a group has met the attendance criteria and has had a date for an event the previous year then they can expect to have that same time frame the following year.

5. If two or more groups desire the same date for a given year the group with the better attendance shall have priority.

6. If two or more groups are even on attendance and are requesting the same time frame and some type of compromise cannot be reached then the matter shall come to the Association Assembly for a vote.


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